Can I drink alcohol at the same time with steroids? This question often arises in people taking steroid drugs for the obtaining of musculature, or as medicines for severe diseases. It is caused by the fact that short-term steroids do not apply, and to live life to the fullest – celebrating holidays and traditionally resting with alcohol – like. To achieve outer beauty will be the only one who cares for his body.

Use of Alcohol

What are steroids and what is their role in the construction of the body

The term "steroids" refers to anabolic steroids – drugs that cause increased muscle mass, the main component of which is testosterone. This male hormone is difficult to use for medical purposes: it is rapidly cleaved by special enzymes. Therefore a long-lived drugs.

Anabolic steroids at the present stage of development of the chemical industry are synthesized artificially, but more recently they are isolated from the animal tissues.

It should be recalled that the use of anabolic steroids is recognized as doping and is banned for use by representatives of most sports. Some countries do not even allow the importation of such drugs on its territory. At the same time steroids are used in combination with diet and exercise in the recovery of muscle mass after some surgery and cancer.

They help to increase testosterone levels in men with insufficient elaboration.

Doctors say that alcohol in small doses is capable of itself to cause an anabolic effect. It is estimated that 75-90 grams of vodka, drink not more than once every 4-6 days is able to exert a beneficial effect on the body. Large dose leads to the opposite result of acting on the body is diseased. An important argument for bodybuilders seeking muscle relief, is that the alcohol and its breakdown products reduces the speed of fat digestion.

Why steroids and alcohol do not mix?

Decomposition taken steroids in the body is engaged mainly in the liver. She takes the "punch" with alcohol. The combination of both substances requires a high voltage of liver cells and produce additional enzymes. From this point of view the simultaneous intake of steroids and alcohol is undesirable.

Alcohol also inhibits the growth factors. Under the influence of alcohol by a simultaneous intake of anabolic steroids stimulates the transition of the male hormone in the female that leads to the development of gynecomastia the growth of breast tissue in men. Invalid reception of anabolics by teenagers, especially during puberty. Under the influence of these funds is premature ossification of the cartilaginous sections of the bones.

Athletes combine the intake of anabolics with a special strict diet. The alcohol in it anymore. Alcohol is able to delay the growth of muscles. It promotes release of the hormone cortisol, reducing the production of protein.

The simultaneous intake of large doses of steroids and alcohol may lead to peptic ulcer disease.

Increases the risk of infectious diseases because of reduce immune globulins under the influence of high doses of anabolics.

Increases the likelihood of disorders of the cardiovascular system, sclerotic phenomena. Cases of pathological growth of the heart muscle.

Alcohol reduces the will and increases appetite.

Refusal of alcohol

Alcohol causes dehydration, leads to a decrease in health and deterioration of health. Steroids hinder the outflow of liquid. Two divergent factors, acting simultaneously, weaken the body.

Recent studies have found that steroids exacerbate the effect of alcohol on human behavior. Lost self-control, increased aggression, and reduced fear.

The abuse of alcohol when taking anabolic steroids may contribute to the development of liver toxicity, transient jaundice, high blood pressure, an increase in temperature.